Conference Advisory Committee

Name Affiliation
Chen, George Tai-Jen National Taiwan University
Chen, Hongey National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction
Johnson, Richard H. Colorado State University
Kuo, Bill Ying-Hwa University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
Lee, Dong-Kyou Korea Meteorological Administration
Lee, Tae-Young Yonsei University
Tan, Zhe-Min Nanjing University
Uyeda, Hiroshi Nagoya University
Wakimoto, Roger University of California, Los Angeles
Wang, Pao Kuan Academia Sinica
Wu, Chun-Chieh National Taiwan University, MOST
Yoshizaki, Masanori Rissho University
Zhang, Renhe Fudan University

Organizing Committee

Name Affiliation
Chan, Johnny Chung-Leung City University of Hong Kong
Hilario, Flaviana D. Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration
Huang, Ching-Young Taiwan Typhoon Flood Research Institute
Jorgensen, Dave National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Jou, Ben Jong-Dao National Taiwan University Co-Chair
Kato, Teruyuki Japan Meteorological Agency
Kuo, Hung-Chi National Taiwan University Co-Chair
Lee, Dong-In Pukyong National University
Lee, Wen-Chau National Center for Atmospheric Research
Lin, Lee-Yaw National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction
Luo, Yali Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences
Meng, Zhiyong Peking University
Park, Seon-Ki Ewha Womans University
Tsuboki, Kazuhisa Nagoya University
Wang, Yuan Nanjing University
Yeh, Tien-Chiang Central Weather Bureau

Science Program Committee

Name Affiliation
Bell, Michael Colorado State University Co-Chair
Fovell, Robert University at Albany, SUNY
Lee, Cheng-Shang National Taiwan University
Lee, Gyu-Won Kyungpook National University
Leu, Gwo-Chern Central Weather Bureau
Liou, Yu-Chieng National Central University Co-Chair
Rowe, Angela University of Washington
Shinoda, Taro Nagoya University
Wang, Chung-Chieh National Taiwan Normal University
Yamada, Hiroyuki University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa
Yang, Ming-Jen National Taiwan University Co-Chair
Yang, Shu-Chih National Central University
Yu, Cheng-Ku National Taiwan University
Zhang, Qinghong Peking University
Zhao, Kun Nanjing University

Local Organizing Committee

Name Affiliation
Chun-Wei Chang National Taiwan University
Chen, Helen Yu-Hang National Taiwan University
Hsieh, Pei-Yuan National Taiwan University
Hu, MingYi National Taiwan University
Feng, Lei Taiwan Typhoon Flood Research Institute Co-Chair
Hsu, Hua National Taiwan University
Lai, Jihn-Sung National Taiwan University Co-Chair
Liao, Hsuan-Yu National Taiwan University
Liao, Nai-Chen National Taiwan University
Lin, Po-Hsiung National Taiwan University Co-Chair
Wang, Mei-Yun National Taiwan University
Yu, Yi-Chiang National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction Co-Chair